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Rewards Program

Don’t treat your business as if it were a regular job because running an internet store is a far more complicated endeavor. It consists of many distinct aspects and needs a certain attitude to make it all function effectively. A salesperson is someone who organizes the labor of others, solves difficulties, and cares about their consumers. It’s critical to pay attention to customers who buy from you. Make certain that they adore you and will never abandon you. Furthermore, it is vital to attract new customers to your shop. Because we all have varied likes, requirements, and preferences, this is not an easy process. However, there are several surefire strategies to assure excellent conversion and retention rates. Customers may be enticed to buy more items through special programs that offer prizes, bonuses, and other enticements. Because client loyalty is so important, you must do everything you can to foster a long-term connection. 

Today is your fortunate day because we’ve discovered the most effective way to increase consumer loyalty. A Magento 2 plugin that allows you to develop truly unique and spectacular referral and loyalty programs. You will start making more money with the aid of this plugin without putting in any more work. As a result, here’s how it works. 

How to build a committed relationship with your clients

earning rules

Let’s speak about reward points and why we need them before we get into the features of the add-on. Having a loyalty program demonstrates your appreciation for your clients. Giving someone something is the finest way to demonstrate thanks. It should, however, be beneficial to both of you. As a result, creating special coins/points that can only be used in your company is a great idea. Consumers may earn points by engaging in certain activities or holidays, for example, and then redeem them for a discount or to pay for the full item – the choice is yours. This is also in accordance with the goal of the referral program. Encourage new users to place more orders so that they may earn more points, and so on. What’s more, you have complete control over all of your program’s rules, constraints, and limits owing to this module. Set the rules’ start and end dates, the incentives that will be activated, the restrictions that will be imposed, and so on. You may develop an entirely new system with no precedents on the internet. If you want to make some people even more dedicated, you may give them more points. Let’s start with the highlights of the module:

  • It is decided on a unique strategy. Remember that keeping existing customers is significantly easier and more profitable than finding new ones. You will be able to put up less effort while achieving more results as a result of this. The reason for this is that repeat clients are more likely to participate in new campaigns and special offers since they already trust you. As a consequence, people spend more money in your shop than those who don’t think you’re reliable. Customers, both old and new, will receive a number of benefits as part of this add-on, which will make them appreciate you and feel at peace. As a consequence, there is no need for you to make a choice.
  • The quality of new users is assured. Even though your conversion rate is great, it doesn’t mean that every customer will buy a lot from you. Some of them may place a single order and then vanish for a long length of time. This problem is overcome by implementing a recommendation system, which raises the average quality of new members. 
  • Promotions. Reward customers who share your store’s social media posts. This is an excellent campaign with a snowball effect that will result in a big increase in sales.
  • Make your own packets. When selling anything individually, you can only sell one item at full price. Bundles, on the other hand, enable you to sell a large number of things at once while still providing a little discount, making them more profitable. People like buying such sets, especially during the holidays. 
  • Making it into a game is a fantastic idea. To add a competitive element to your software, divide users into different tiers based on their activities. Certain groups may be eligible for different benefits and awards. As a result, people will be psychologically motivated to become better than others or themselves. Others, on the other hand, see this as a simple game and are having a wonderful time. Each tier can have its own set of rules and limits, as well as qualifications for rising to the next level.

Possibilities you are provided with

referral tab

So, let’s see how to use this extension to create a nice recommendation system. All of the necessary features are already present; all you have to do now is turn on the appropriate settings and choose what you want. A solid referral system serves as a commercial strategy as well as a psychological ploy. Customers that are loyal may become true fans, which is advantageous to the campaign and the firm as a whole.

  • Demonstrate that you are delighted to see them. As it was previously said, one of the most successful techniques for motivating people is to compensate them for bringing in new clients. When someone joins your community using a referral link, the owner of the link earns points. Plus, there’s more! Points are immediately put into the bonus account when a referral makes a purchase. This is beneficial to both new and existing customers, and it is extremely profitable for your business.
  • Make them want to support you. Customers frequently forget about your shop for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they buy from a third party or only shop in person. It makes no difference what the reason is. Those consumers must be reclaimed! Give additional points to folks who have been inactive for a long time. When their balance changes, they will receive an email reminder, which may motivate them to return and make a purchase. 
  • Make them work a little harder. Making your points expirable is a great way to get customers to spend more and increase your sales. Users should be made aware that they only have a limited time to use their points before they expire. This thrills a large number of individuals, resulting in a win-win situation. 
  • Share information that is valuable. To achieve the best outcomes, make sure that everyone is aware of your efforts. Because advertising is such an important aspect of these campaigns, you must devote your full attention to it, or the plugin will handle it for you. Set the time, the content you want to deliver, the limitations, and other advertising options, as well as the location where it will be shown. It may, for example, be the shopping cart or the reference pages. To boost sales, you might choose to advertise particular goods. When a consumer selects one item, remember that you sell similar items and that purchasing bundles may save them money. Customers must be informed about a wide range of services and information. This is handy if you’ve gathered all of the necessary information in one location. 
  • Tools that come in handy. A full dashboard is included. The plugin may also be used to create a separate dashboard where users can see all of their loyalty programs’ current limits, levels, earnings, and transaction history. The importance of offering a positive client experience cannot be overstated. When your consumers are researching your products, educate them on all of the important software features. Make sure everyone is informed of what’s going on!
  • Keep track of what you’re doing. Because it contains all activity and transactions, this is a critical tab. It is possible to maintain track of how things are going so that your marketing is as successful as possible. If you want to see more useful information, use in-depth reports. This will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the findings, allowing you to solve issues or develop new ideas right away.


There are no easier ways to win your customers’ hearts and boost sales than utilizing the Magento 2 Reward Points extension. This simple, user-friendly plugin has everything you need to establish the best conditions for shopping in your store. Use built-in features to create your own unique ways of encouraging people. Make a bonus program work for you and enjoy the results!

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