The Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2

Layered Navigation

To create an online store, you have to take care of every aspect to supply customers with the best features, the most convenient use, and the most enjoyable experience. Satisfied customers are the key to success because they define how much money you can earn, how popular you are, and who will choose you among other competitors. So, make sure you have done everything to make your website be as efficient and simple to use, as it’s possible. 

In this task, the module we present today is the best assistant. Install this software to enhance your productivity and boost performance many times just by clicking a few buttons. The add-on has a simple interface with powerful tools to adjust and optimize the operation of your Magento-based shop. 


Why is this extension a must-have for you? The usability of your website is one of the key features and it has a significant influence on the conversion rate. With the help of this add-on, you can enjoy the following things: 

  • Make the layer navigation as perfect as possible. Using AJAX technology, the loading speed can be dramatically increased. Plus, the filters system is much better — there are new filters, and it’s much easier to work with them. Also, it’s possible to make custom designs. 
  • You are able to create new pages for your catalog to make browsing more convenient. Create a page with all brands or separate pages for every brand. 
  • Use the infinite scrolling feature with the help of AJAX technology or add the Load More button.

These and many other functions are available for you straight after installation. So, let’s learn more about them!

An enhanced system of filters

the multi-select feature
  • Using the same filter, choose numerous values. Magento does not allow consumers to pick multiple attribute values in a single filter by default. They have to go back and forth continually when shopping, which is inefficient. Instead, our plugin allows consumers to specify as many criteria as they require.
  • The navigation is straightforward. The addon keeps track of the most frequently used filters and displays them above the product list. This allows new users to pick the most popular criterion quickly and simply, speeding up the purchasing process and raising your site’s conversion rate. It’s particularly beneficial for stores with large product catalogs and a lot of filters. In addition, the module ensures that both smart and ordinary filters display only the attribute values linked with the selected items. Your customers will no longer have to cope with empty filters! 
  • At the same time, many values can be selected and applied. Allow clients to apply several values from many filters at once instead of one at a time! This is great for most stores, and even better if you have a lot of them because combing through the results might take a long time. 
  • Increase the visibility of the filters. If an attribute, such as Material or Brand, has many values, Magento will display the associated filter in plain English. Clients may become perplexed if they must choose from a wide range of attributes. With this extension, you’ll be able to upload photographs to these types of effects. Customers will find it much easier to discover what they need in this manner.
  • Provide an attribute range with ease. The addition includes a new slider filter type. It lets you filter things by any number variable, such as price, size, or weight. Any business will benefit from the sliders! 
  • Related products can be shown by grouping product features. When your customers use the shopping filters to find the product they’re looking for, show them similar items. You may use this extension to combine many attribute options into a single grouped option. Customers looking for red apparel, for example, may be shown purple and orange-colored items. Another example is when a customer searches for cold-weather clothing using a grouped filter, and products for cold, chilly, and windy conditions appear. You can group options for almost every product aspect. Create a distinct label or swatch for grouped alternatives that are visible to your clients. Indicate the label for the grouped options that will be shown on your store’s admin page separately.

Brand New Filters

  • Use the power of social evidence to your advantage. This filter shows the goods with the most positive ratings, which is ideal for boosting conversions. The most psychologically appealing items are those with the highest ratings. 
  • The most recent changes are highlighted. Customers will be particularly interested in new arrivals if you sell time-sensitive items such as food, apparel, or phones. This filter will be really beneficial to them. 
  • Assist consumers in locating active specials. It is in your best interest to assist visitors in finding your deals. Sales can give them the extra push they need to convert, and this filter is ideal for that. 
  • Allow consumers to view only the goods that are currently available. Customers aren’t usually interested in browsing for something they can’t buy, so you don’t want to show off out-of-stock items from your catalog. Because it is designed to exclude out-of-stock products from the product catalog that a consumer views, the Stock filter is the ideal answer to this problem.
  • Customers will be able to discover everything they require more quickly. Regardless of the extent of your store’s product catalog, provide your customers a way to swiftly locate what they’re looking for. Customers may simply locate the goods they need using our Layered Navigation module’s search box in the shopping choices on the category page. This search filter may be customized to meet the demands of the store by offering a variety of search options. Its functionality might include a full-text search on the current category page and a filter for product attribute options. The search filter may be set up to allow both choices to be active at the same time. Shoppers may use the search filter option to filter out extraneous product qualities without having to read through the entire shopping choices panel. For stores with a large product catalog, this panel might be rather long and daunting. For example, if a consumer wants to locate clothing for a given climate, he or she may simply write “climate” into the search bar and then select the climate features that are important to him or her, such as warm or all-weather. There’s no need to scroll down to the section on climate characteristics.


Make URLs more SEO- and human-friendly. This plugin helps you restructure all URLs to make them look neat and appealing. Modify metadata, control the visibility by crawlers, get rid of duplicate content, and add the ‘rel’ attribute to manage the transfer for filter links.

Advanced Catalog

a page example
  • Assist consumers in locating the brand of their choice. Customers’ brand preferences play a huge role in their purchasing decisions, therefore you should endeavor to accommodate them. The extension may give a list of all the brands in your store on a separate page. It also features a page dedicated to each brand. The individual brand page can have a logo, a description, and a product list. You can have total control over the visibility of a brand page for that search engine by manually or automatically defining the URL key for that search engine and applying the Store View visibility. Metadata, such as the meta title, keywords, and description, can be added to a brand page. For a page banner, use alt tags and a title.
  • In a prominent widget, display the brands that your store has to offer. Create a Brand Slider widget to provide consumers with rapid access to the brand’s websites and goods in your shop. Place this brand widget where it best serves your company’s needs. It may be shown on every page of your business or with certain items. Set the size of the Brand Slider and the size of the brand photos to match the design theme of your store. To make the slider more user-friendly, change the colors of the paging and navigation buttons. Enable the brand widget’s animation auto-play to make it more dynamic. Activate the autoplay loop and set the autoplay interval. Increase the usability of the animated Brand Slider by halting it when the mouse cursor hovers over it. With multi-store support, you may have a different Brand Slider for each of your Store Views.
  • AJAX can be used as an alternative to pagination. Because customers dislike switching from page to page, it’s best to keep the number of pages they have to load throughout their journey to a minimum. The AJAX scrolling functionality of the module allows you to modify any category or search results page to load more goods, either automatically while scrolling or manually after selecting the Load More button.
  • Your complete catalog may be seen on a single page. Your business now has a distinct “All Products” page thanks to the Layered Navigation Magento 2 plugin. It’s more effective to start each customer’s trip through your product catalog on a single page, allowing them to narrow down their choices via layered navigation. Customers will be exposed to more items as a result of this configuration, and the number of pages they must change will be dramatically reduced. Set a distinct title, meta title, and meta description for the All Products page to help with SEO.

Separate pages for brands

Create separate pages for each brand in your store with a unique URL and logo. Specify all the necessary information about the brand that will be displayed and specify SEO-related data, such as robots: robots, canonical URL, and description.

Other Possibilities

Other Possibilities

Use filters at ease with the help of the plugin: 

  • Get automatic suggestions about the most used filters. 
  • Let users use multiple filters simultaneously. 
  • Add images to filters. 

In addition to this, you can add new navigational filters. You need them to be able to show only certain things:

  • Only the new items. 
  • Products on sale. 
  • Only available items. 
  • Rating (widget with stars). 

Highly Customizable Design

Make your own visual design to fit your needs:

  • Filters may be presented vertically or horizontally. 
  • The Reset Filters option can be placed above either the main block or the list of goods. 
  • Toggle any filters.
  • Customize colors, borders, and other visual settings.


The Improved Layered Navigation extension is what every store needs to achieve success. Plus, you get a lot of different bonuses, choosing Mirasvit. So if you search for a solution that can help you improve your business, you have already found it!

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