Become better with Improved Sorting for Magento 2 by Mirasvit

Improved Sorting

The way you present your products is quite essential in terms of sales. Your shop has to be good in everything, and one of such important aspects is your catalog. The catalog is nothing but the way people can find the necessary products. It’s like a conductor that leads customers to the final destination – purchase. And if your catalog of goods is not comfortable and not easy to navigate, you will have no opportunities to compete with other shops. In other words, it’s impossible to earn money without good sorting. That’s why it’s necessary to pay attention to the way products are organized in your shop. Even though it’s not the most difficult task, it requires a lot of time, which is not good because time is vital in terms of making money. You can pay attention to more urgent issues instead of manually organizing your catalog to keep everything at the highest level. Wouldn’t it be great to automate and facilitate the processes of sorting?

If you think that it’s a good idea, then we have a solution for you. One little extension designed by Mirasvit can help you deal with all sorting-related issues at ease. Just install it and set up the module by choosing preferable parameters. This will affect the overall productivity of your store and help you sell more!

A little about the working principles

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Before going on to the module’s purpose, let’s start with some non-essential features. As a result, you’ll discover a number of handy add-on features that will improve your overall experience. 

  • What you can achieve is limitless. The plugin provides sorting options on search result pages. You may expand the amount of basic Magento sorting options by adding new search criteria to the search page. On the search screen, you may also alter the default sorting choice. As a consequence, your products will always be exposed to the brightest light possible, enhancing conversion rates. 
  • Widgets. You may adjust the look of the components using a number of widgets. To do so, simply choose the appropriate criterion from the drop-down option. It’s possible that each widget has its own sorting system. Use Store Views to apply several criteria to the same widgets. 
  • Keep your eyes peeled for additional details. Examine the grouping of items before applying any sorting criteria to confirm that it appears as it should. This may be used to learn more about a certain score. Filter the grid based on product qualities to find the right items without having to browse through the entire product list. 
  • Debugging is a simple procedure to follow. The process of finding and resolving an issue is known as debugging. Allow this mode to be enabled in order to figure out what’s causing the problems. Check to see if the predicted score is right. The information is laid down on a grid. You may also look for a certain item in a specific location. 
  • Make the search as straightforward as possible. This module gives you the option of organizing your data in a variety of ways. To meet the needs of your organization, you create your own rules and criteria. To make it simple and quick, you may include the rating components in the criterion. You will be given a grade for the module based on its effectiveness. You may use the preview feature to see how your items will seem to potential customers.
  • Increase your total score. You may use the following techniques to acquire the score with the add-on: 1. At any given moment, only one variable is used. The technique is linear when the series moves from point A to point B. The second sort of condition is a sub-condition. In this scenario, the module calculates all of the components. 
  • Only the finest is provided. Customers should be presented with the best products by default when they search. This is an excellent strategy to increase your store’s conversion rate while also appealing to a larger audience. 
  • Mixing. When establishing a sorting criterion with many components, start with the most important and work your way down. The structure of such variables might be somewhat intricate at times. The two arranging methods are up and down. Customers will have more options, making it easier for them to choose the newest items. 

Scores-gaining features

The ranking factor directs the search procedure. Any attribute may be used with this tool to improve search results and overall company performance. Any argument can be declared a global parameter, meaning it overrides all other arguments. The following features are available for you to choose from: 

  • Date. Unlike other modules, this one allows you to categorize objects based on the actual time of input and changes, making it easy to compare old and new products. Customers may use this method to maintain track of their information and receive notifications about new arrivals. 
  • Attribute. You can use one or more criteria for your chosen objects, such as time limits or something really strange. You can access all of the features from the Admin Panel. 
  • Image. If photographs aren’t available, goods should be pushed to the bottom of the page of search results. Customers should be able to view how things look before making a purchase. As a result, it’s a good idea to start with the most visually appealing, bright, and thorough pages. 
  • Best-sellers. You may also arrange goods by how many times they’ve been bought in a given period of time. You may either promote best-sellers or strive to enhance sales of less popular items. 
  • Profit. To generate income, promote the most profitable items.
  • Rule. The number of alternative possibilities is unlimited because this component consists of hundreds of qualities or combinations. 
  • An evaluation of the product. Because we can’t examine a big number of reading materials or various varieties of this item, we’d rather rely on the opinions of other customers on such matters. As a result, we choose the highest-rated items and give higher-quality items precedence. 
  • Do you currently have any goods in stock? Without a doubt, this is one of the most important aspects of the grade. You may also sort the goods by availability or stock status. Filtering out of stock and placing it towards the bottom of the page is a wonderful option since clients won’t be able to buy it and won’t want to wait for a new shipment. If you want visitors to be informed of recent occurrences, put them on the top tab. 
  • The sum of money earned as a result of seeing the view. Compare the number of times you’ve purchased a product to the number of times you’ve visited to see how engaged your potential customers are. Certain things appear to be impossible at first glance. Meanwhile, certain things, such as those sold for a low price, are growing in popularity. 
  • Popularity. Because it affects the conversion rate, this element is tied to the product rating. On the other hand, the purpose is to boost sales or encourage supporters. 
  • Discounts. To get the best results, put goods with special prices at the top of the list.

To gain the maximum money, choose the top seller

maximum money

Some of the appealing features include a money-back guarantee, free 90-day support, and free lifetime upgrades. When you consider the price, the plugin is a great deal. This is because hiring someone is still more expensive than purchasing a specialist extension. The only problem is locating a plugin that is both functional and cost-effective. This type of product is available from Mirasvit, for example. Furthermore, the official website has a variety of manuals and instructions to guarantee that you are never left in the dark when the support time has ended.


Sorting products in Magento is a tool to take your business to the next level, resulting in more profits in the future. Customers like the ability to look for items in a convenient manner. Everyone appreciates well-organized and arranged goods. You can accomplish success with this addon that you would never be able to achieve with the normal capabilities. Furthermore, Mirasvit’s extensions are both inexpensive and delightful for its customers. Installing one simple tool that can accomplish the great bulk of the work for you may make your business easier and more profitable!

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