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Magento 2 Help Desk

Business is never easy because it requires a lot of time, skills, and knowledge. You should always pay attention to what’s going on in real-time to be up-to-date and ready to deal with any issue. When you are such a busy person and you don’t want to miss something essential, the last thing you want is to look for necessary information throughout the entire website. People make requests, send you emails, submit support tickets, and chat with your assistants every single minute. Is it even possible to not lose your mind trying to monitor all of this on your own?

The solution is to install this add-on for Magento 2 and let it collect the necessary data in one convenient and simple-to-use help desk. This will help you save a lot of time, which is vital for any business. The module has a lot of useful features to show!


This module improves one of the most essential parts of your store — the support service you provide. It has a great influence on the returning rate of your customers, which is essential. The capabilities this extension provides are enough to deal with all support-related problems. Here is what your support team can enjoy:

  • quick replies to save time; 
  • a WYSIWYG editor to create custom replies that suit any situation and any client; 
  • the multi-department feature to automatically assign requests to the right agent, which increases the speed of work many times; 
  • smart workflow rules for even better automation; 
  • post-support surveys;
  • comprehensive reports for easier monitoring.

Such flexible and powerful features help you keep your clients satisfied and increase the productivity of your store without wasting too much time. 

the Tickets tab

Simple contact options

It’s important to let users contact your support team without being authorized. A lot of people either don’t have accounts or forget to log in. The ways clients can contact the support service are:

  • The Contact Us tab from the left menu. 
  • The Contact Us menu with a special form. 
  • The Help Desk tab for registered users. 

User-friendly Interface

With this extension, any user can easily figure out how to get help thanks to an intuitive interface. Customers don’t have to fill in a lot of various fields, they just need to choose the necessary options, such as priority and department, for tickets they create. It’s also possible to add attachments, which is pretty handy in case you want to provide some evidence of an issue. This helps the support team find solutions faster!

Tickets Management

Tickets Management

Consumers can easily view, reply, or close a ticket from a convenient tab with the history of created tickets. This is convenient and non-time-consuming.

Automatic Conversion

Another outstanding feature is the possibility to connect email boxes to the desk. This allows you to convert all received emails into tickets. Thanks to special algorithms used by this module, it automatically detects and converts emails from customers into tickets, adding them to the Help Desk. This is especially convenient if you have separate departments, such as Technical and Sales, with different email boxes, for instance. This also lets your support team and customers reply without logging in. 

Simple Backend

the interface

The Help Desk MX interface is a simple way to manage support. The administration is able to view all the issues and essential details in one single tab. With the help of the filter system, it’s super simple to organize tickets. Thus, you can filter them by date, priority, client, and so on. If filters are not enough, use the search feature and find the necessary ticket using keywords. Moreover, the interface can be modified to suit you perfectly, which is also incredible. Set up the extension the way you want by choosing what to display.

Full Control

Get the best control over every ticket you receive. In the General tab, you will find the most relevant information about the ticket and the most important action buttons: 

  • reply; 
  • set ticket status and priority;
  • choose the department.

By default, the reply is sent to the customer but it can be changed to send the message to someone else. Why is it useful? The reason is that customers either don’t know whom to contact or just can’t contact the right department/person directly. So, with the help of this extension, customers can be redirected to third-party recipients to communicate with them in private messages or in public chats.

To switch from the current ticket to all customer’s tickets, choose the Other Ticket Tab. Here, you will see all created requests.

In the Additional tab, you will find more information about the ticket that may be important for you at the moment. Managers can alter the subject of tickets and add new tags for faster search. 

Satisfaction Surveys

Ask you customers about the support service of your store once the ticket is closed. This helps you realize the quality of the service, fix issues, and encourage employees with the best results. In addition to this, such surveys make people feel like they have real influence and can change something in case they are not satisfied enough, which is very important in eCommerce businesses.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports

Information is always vital for improving your business. The analysis is one of the best methods to boost the productivity of your store and fix problems you have. Collect the necessary data in a few clicks. With the help of the module, you are able to view the following information: 

  • new and changed tickets numbers; 
  • the number of replies and closed tickets; 
  • the time a ticket was processed by the team and the time it was resolved; 
  • surveys metrics and response rate.

Brand new fields

Create new fields and add them to your request form to make tickets as informative as it’s possible and facilitate the resolving process. Ask your customers to provide you with a reason for contact or something like this to work faster. You can use this option from the following tabs:

  • native contact form
  • contact tab
  • ticket creating interface
  • popup contact form.

The Magento help desk plugin allows your clients to quickly fill out their inquiries, giving you the most important issue-related information!

Workflow rules

the working process

Create special rules for better compatibility. Workflow rules are the best way to automate some processes to save more time and boost performance. For example, you can set up the module to automatically close tickets with no customers’ replies for a certain period. Here are a few more examples of rules: 

  • automatically changes the status of all tickets which got a reply to ‘In Progress’ 
  • notifications for customers, such as no response for a certain period


Manage permission of different support departments and different managers in the administration interface. This is needed to separate duties and organize work better so that no one can mistakenly access tickets he/she is not responsible for. Thus, you can make your Sales support team access only tickets with sales-related issues, for example. 

SPAM Protection

Protect your support team from overload by not letting spam get to it. Set up special filters that detect SPAM and delete any SPAM message. To do this, you can create various patterns with the following filters: header, subject, or body. This option helps a lot in terms of time-saving and productivity boost.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Notify your customers about each ticket if there is something important, using email. The plugin lets managers leave special notes regarding any issue of a customer. This is why your clients are always in touch with the latest news.


Sometimes, people contact the support team to return goods they bought. This is also a matter of the support team but it should be converted into RMA requests to help the support team organize their work. The process of converting is automatic, so you don’t have to do anything. Once a request is converted, it’s forwarded to the related extension. 

Knowledge Base

Since this plugin is not the only extension the Mirasvit company has designed, it’s reasonable to support integration with other modules. Therefore, you can integrate the Knowledge Base plugin to provide customers with the possibility to search for solutions right from the page they make inquiries. If there is an answer in your knowledge base, there is no need for customers to create a new ticket and increase the load of the support team.


We are not saying that default Magento support services are bad, we just say that they can be better! As you can see, this plugin offers a decent range of features that can easily improve your support service quality and satisfy your clients even better. So, if you want to make your business more lucrative and more popular, this solution is what you’ve been looking for!

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