The Mirasvit extension — Full Page Cache Warmer

Full Page Cache Warmer

How long do you think you’ll be willing to wait to acquire what you came for? We all have our own personal boundaries, but the reality is that no one enjoys waiting. This is inconvenient and exhausting, which is the last thing we want to experience when we go shopping. The internet aids this process in many ways, but we have a tendency to become spoiled by wonderful things, so it is never enough for us. Even though we can now buy everything we want from the comfort of our own homes, it irritates individuals when they have to wait longer than expected. A website’s slow performance might become a serious reason for customers not to return to your shop. This is how you may lose clients and go out of business. To avoid a situation like this, make sure that all of your systems are up to date and that your website is free of any bugs that might create slowdowns. The issue is that Magento’s default functionality does not allow you to do so. It just lacks the essential tools for speed testing and fine-tuning.

You will never experience such issues with the plugin we urge you to talk about in this post. This module improves overall productivity and speeds up every activity by correctly managing cache files, giving users the best possible shopping experience. And that’s the way it works.

Making yourself familiar with the possibilities

the efficiency report

This plugin allows you to choose which pages should load first based on a variety of parameters, ensuring that your customers get the best browsing experience possible. Meanwhile, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the performance. Rank the relevance of each item in order of priority based on the number of visitors, the kind of page/product, and other factors. We classified features into many classes based on their intended use. This will help you organize the information you’ll be learning today and decide whether or not to use the plugin: 

  • It’s not even remotely difficult. Because various servers have varying capabilities, you may need to adjust your settings based on your needs. To make utilizing the extension even easier and save you even more time, this add-on provides three cache warming templates to select from high/medium for nearly any purpose, or soft for stores with a higher load rate. You are also not limited to pre-defined templates or settings; you may modify any of them to match your individual needs. Using this plugin, you may alter the number of threads, the maximum run time, and the rate at which Cron tasks are completed. Each page, as you may know, has its own set of properties, such as the URL, customer group, and product type. You may adjust the cache warming rule, according to them. This ensures that your most vital websites are always warm and ready to load. You may also adjust the headers of the request for each cache warming rule. 
  • Anything that isn’t strictly essential should be removed. This will be an extremely useful tool for Magento users. You won’t have to clean the cache very often, according to the plan. The Fill Rate graph may be used to monitor your cleaning efforts and guarantee that your server is up and running. Fixing tools may assist you in determining what is causing your frequent flushing or other problems. If lowering the frequency isn’t an option, or if you don’t need it at all, you can disable cache flushing in the add-on settings. 
  • Physical exertion is not required for participation. Human monitoring is no longer required as a result of this expansion. After installation, set up the program once and forget about it when it comes to maintenance and monitoring. The cache will be automatically processed. 
  • Always keep an eye on the situation. Allowing crawlers to re-cache every time they visit your site may cause your server to become overburdened. Disable user agents from the Settings menu to boost productivity. Examine the reports to see if caching is operating properly. This section talks about both cached and non-cacheable pages. Depending on your settings, reaction time statistics and other data can be shown as a graph or a detailed table. Reports can also be exported if necessary.
  • A visually appealing user interface. When the frontend interface fails, we have no choice but to use the command line. You’ll be relieved to know that the command line supports a wide variety of commands and is straightforward to use in this case, allowing you to perform all of your chores. 
  • Debugging is a simple procedure. Is there an issue? Don’t worry; debugging tools will help you resolve the problems. On the test page, you may check the cache state and, as previously said, restrict access to specific IP addresses. 
  • Possibilities are being investigated. To avoid problems, use the test page to ensure that everything is working properly. It will keep you up to speed on the status of the cache at all times. This page will automatically reload, allowing you to relax while avoiding delays. Some applications, such as Varnish, may cause the module’s functionality to fail in unusual circumstances. You may also look at the system’s average load to see where the bottlenecks are. When problems arise, utilize the custom graph to track when they occur. If loading delays are an issue, disable cache warming until the server has sufficient power to execute appropriately. Set a threshold to automate the procedure and increase your website’s loading performance.
the test page

Mirasvit offers only the best solutions

To fully appreciate the benefits of this update, we’d like to draw your attention to a few crucial features: 

  • Background processes are those that run in the background without being visible to the user. Because the plugin runs in the background, you may adjust any aspect of your internet business. As a consequence, the module will not crash or cease operating. Your admin panel’s amount of pop-up warnings and other distractions will be minimized as well. 
  • What you can accomplish is entirely up to you. You may cache any page with the aid of this plugin. This add-on, unlike the standard Magento Edition, does not skip pages. Simply choose what should be cached, and all previous limitations will be removed. 
  • Complex Pages are an option. If you have a complex, large website, you may wish to be able to select which components of a tough, large page in your online shop should be cached. You can do just that with the extension we’re looking at today. Simply use the Hole Punch tool to cache the most important area of your tough website. 
  • There will be no upheaval. Crashing is never a possibility with this add-on. The module remembers the updated version whether you add a new page element or change an existing one. This feature is ready to use right away because it does not require any additional setup. 
  • Duplicates in the cache are flushed automatically. Visitors from different Store Views may build duplicate caches, wasting disk space. Configure the plugin to avoid situations like this from occurring, and all new visitors will receive the same cache. 
  • Changes that occur in the heat of the moment. Some of the pages do not need any warm-up. Some individuals think that certain websites are more valuable than others. The website contains a variety of normative publications, such as the FAQ page. In each case, you have complete control over which components you warm up. That is why you should make a list of your top selections and rank them! Set the rules and utilize the extension’s capabilities to optimize your website’s performance. Create a CSV file with a list of all of your most important pages, configure the criteria, and rely on the adaptability of the extension to keep your website running smoothly.
  • It’s also critical that we keep informed so that we can ensure everyone’s safety and properly plan our future actions. As a result, you’ll be able to learn more about each cached page, such as its kind, any warming criteria employed, and the exact time and date of creation/update/caching. You’ll also learn why the cache was re-cached, which gives more information. You may also delete pages from the warmed list and clear the cache.


The Magento Full Page Cache module can help you take your business to the next level and make more money. Anyone can learn how to run this module because it is so basic. Now that you’ve completed reading this piece, you’re even more convinced. So, if you want to supply your consumers with the best experience possible, you should certainly utilize this plugin.

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